Indoor Soccer Leagues

Monday Men Over 35

Wednesday Men's Open

Thursday Women's Open 

Thursday Men Over 30

Friday Coed Open

Sunday Coed Open

Sunday Men's Open

​​General Information 

Team Registration 

$60-$70 per player

Teams need a minimum of 9 players (Coed - 4 girls minimum)

Game Information

6-7 league games based on league and/or registered teams

2 - 20 min halves

5 min grace period before game starts

4 players min to start the game - 1 girl needed for coed

Halftime:  1.5 min break

Referee Fees

$20 per team

Playoff Structure

Top 4 or 8 teams make playoffs*

*Depends on no. of teams, standings, forfeits, and fees owed

Top 4 play for A division champions cup

Bottom 4 play for the B division trophy

If your team does not have 9 paid spots, team is automatically disqualified.


$20 - team shows up but is short on players

$40 - team is a no show

Teams that forfeit 2 games may be disqualified from playoffs and/or can be removed from finishing the season

1st Place Prizes

Adult - Team trophy & shirts / Youth - Team and player trophies

Blue, Yellow, & Red Cards

Blue cards accumulate during the season and you will be fined

1 blue cards is 2 min or goal against, 3 blues = Red Card

1 yellow card is 3 full min out, 2nd yellow = Red card

Red card fines - $125 and 2 week suspension minimums

Individual Players 

Come into the facility and register for league of choice 

You will be assign to an in-house team or teams needing players

You will need to pay referee fee separate for the season - $20

You might need to purchase a uniform shirt - $10

We ask everyone that comes to our facility to respect and behave responsibly during the time you are there.  We do not tolerate any kind of disrespect and/or unsportsmanlike conduct at our facility.  Any person that comes to support a team is under that team's responsibility and that team will be responsible for any actions and/or fines if that person disrespects our facility policies.

adult leagues available 

661.829.5524 or 661.852.1397

1137 Carrier parkway AVE. Bakersfield CA 93308