​​General Information 

Team Registration 

$60-$70 per player

Teams need a minimum of 9 players (Coed - 4 girls minimum)

Game Information

6-7 league games based on league and/or registered teams

2 - 20 min halves

5 min grace period before game starts

4 players min to start the game - 1 girl needed for coed

Halftime:  1.5 min break

Referee Fees

$20 per team

Playoff Structure

Top 4 or 8 teams make playoffs*

*Depends on no. of teams, standings, forfeits, and fees owed

Top 4 play for A division champions cup

Bottom 4 play for the B division trophy

If your team does not have 9 paid spots, team is automatically disqualified.


$20 - team shows up but is short on players

$40 - team is a no show

Teams that forfeit 2 games may be disqualified from playoffs and/or can be removed from finishing the season

1st Place Prizes

Adult - Team trophy & shirts / Youth - Team and player trophies

Blue, Yellow, & Red Cards

Blue cards accumulate during the season and you will be fined

1 blue cards is 2 min or goal against, 3 blues = Red Card

1 yellow card is 3 full min out, 2nd yellow = Red card

Red card fines - $125 and 2 week suspension minimums

Individual Players 

Come into the facility and register for league of choice 

You will be assign to an in-house team or teams needing players

You will need to pay referee fee separate for the season - $20

You might need to purchase a uniform shirt - $10

We ask everyone that comes to our facility to respect and behave responsibly during the time you are there.  We do not tolerate any kind of disrespect and/or unsportsmanlike conduct at our facility.  Any person that comes to support a team is under that team's responsibility and that team will be responsible for any actions and/or fines if that person disrespects our facility policies.

adult leagues available 

Indoor Soccer Leagues

Monday Men Over 35

Wednesday Men's Open

Thursday Women's Open 

Thursday Men Over 30

Friday Coed Open

Sunday Coed Open

Sunday Men's Open

661.829.5524 or 661.852.1397

1137 Carrier parkway AVE. Bakersfield CA 93308