​​​Additional Information 

Game Information

2 - 20 min halves

5 min grace period before game starts

4 players minimum to start the game

Halftime:  1.5 min break

Referee Fees

$20 per team

League & Playoff Structure

6-7 league games depending on division and teams registered

Top 4 teams in each division make playoffs

Semifinal & Final are played


$20 - team shows up but is short on players (can borrow players)

$40 - team is a no show (pays for both ref fees)

Teams that forfeit 2 games may be disqualified from playoffs and/or can be removed from finishing the season.

It is important that you communicate with us


1st place receive team trophy & player trophies

Blue & Red Cards

Blue cards accumulate during the season and you can be fined

3 Blue Cards during one game = Red Card

Red card fines - $125 & 2 week suspension are the minimum

Individual Players 

Don't have a team, no problem, come into the facility and register for the in-house team.  Registration is $100 for the season.  Additional $10 for team jersey.

Youth League Divisions


1137 Carrier parkway AVE. Bakersfield CA 93308

youth league information 

Team & General Information - $70 per player

Divisions  U8 - U10 - U12 - U14 - U16

Our divisions go every 2 years, but depending on the amount of teams registered we can open up additional ones as needed.

Boys - Girls - Coed

Our divisions are all coed.  However depending on the amount of teams registered, levels, ages, or other situation, we can separate them to accommodate the league.

Game Days

Our games are played on Saturdays and Tuesdays.  We use Tuesday more for make up games that can't be played on Saturdays.  We start Saturdays at 9:20am and can go until 4:50pm.  Our game times on Tuesday are 6:00pm, 6:50pm,  7:40pm, and 8:30pm.  Occasionally and depending on availability, we may open up other days during the week for 6:00pm games when we are out of regular game slots.


When turning in your team rosters you should have all the day's you need off so we have that information when doing the schedule.  We will try and accommodate as best we can but we cannot guaranteed anything.  Once the full schedule is out, we wont change anything and we rarely do re-scheduling of games. 

Player Registration

Teams need 9 players minimum and you can have up to 14.  If you want to split your team in two teams,  you will need to pay for 9 slots per team.  You can add players to your roster until the third week of the season.  It is the manager's and/or coach's responsibility to make sure we have your roster updated by the third week as we use that one for the playoff roster.

*A player can't play on two teams in the same division. 


We ask everyone that comes to our facility to respect and behave responsibly during the time you are there.  We do not tolerate any kind of disrespect and/or unsportsmanlike conduct at our facility.  Any person that comes to support your team is under your responsibility and your team will be responsible for any actions and/or fines if they act in disrespect to our facility policies.